5 Things to Ask Yourself When Hiring a Commercial Contractor

When it comes to the construction business, not everyone understands the industry as they claim. The problem compounds itself when you hire the wrong company for the job. Even experienced business owners don’t know who to turn to when looking to make improvements on the site.

#1: What About My Friends?

Commercial contractors live and breathe off referrals. To ensure you receive a good contractor, you might ask your friends and family for a referral. Before you start, check to see that your friend or family member will be a reliable source.

#2: What Do the Reviews Look Like?

Always look at the reviews customers left for the company. You want to check multiple sites and search for red flags. Also, how does the head of the general contractor services respond to the review? If they act angry with negative and unprofessional replies, you might want to look elsewhere.

#3: What Do the Work Examples Look Like?

You can learn a lot about a company’s work ethic, pride and reputation based on the work they show off.

#4: Research It

Paramount to the planning, research looks at different general contractors to find one that does a good job. Look for a proven track record that remains good over time.

#5: What Does the Better Business Bureau Say About Them?

Before hiring a commercial building company, you may want to ask the Better Business Bureau about the contractor. Hiring a commercial contractor requires you to do your homework in advance. Check to see if they have a certification through the Better Business Bureau.

You might also call past clients up to learn what they thought of the contractor who did work for them in the past. Don’t be afraid to ask contractors for referrals either because this gives you insight on if you want to work with this individual for a few months.

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